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Subject: college ball-6 Jeremiah University is a predominately black college campus in
Minnesota Maryland. It’s a large school, and very well received by the
College Guide Association Of America. There was a large library, an
auditorium, a sports center, a stadium, a student hall, an academic
building where classes resumed, male and female dormitories, a clock tower,
and Preteen Tube several houses where the college fraternities and sororities pledge.____________________________________________________________________________COLLEGE-BALL-6 There was definitely a change between the relationship of Tyrome
Smith and Clarence Johnson. Over the next several days the two became
inseparable. On the practice court, Tyrome’s game started to rectify itself
(much to the Coach’s delight), while off court Clarence and Tyrome spent
every waking hour in each other’s rooms. –studying and going over practice
notes (or so they say).
Everyone wondered what bought about the sudden change, but Coach
Brown had a good idea. He’d been watching the two males closely, watching
their body language and eye contact. He knew they had grown even closer
since the shower incident. In fact, Coach Brown found himself jacking off
at the thought of the two college men going at it hot and heavy.
Coach Brown was no stranger to man/man sex. A DL player from ole
skool, he knew all the ins and outs of the game, having played around
successfully for years without being caught or outed. Recruited into the NBA right out of high school, Coach Brown became
a professional basketball player with the Orlando Magic’s. He signed a 3
year contract for 10 million dollars and married his high school sweetheart
(Angela). Brown bought his family a huge house in the most expensive part
of town, and cars for everyone in his family. Life as a poor boy in `the
Hood’ changed drastically in the big leagues of professional basketball.
It was during Brown’s professional years with The Magic’s that he
first started messing around with other men. He had several undercover DL
encounters with teammates and various fans he met on the road as well and
an ongoing long term affair with one of the highest paid players in the
game at the time. Unfortunately a severe knee injury ended Brown’s
professional career in its third year, causing him to retire well before
his time. Expensive surgeries, high doctor bills, and a staggering mortgage
made Anthony “Tony” Brown sell his house and most of his cars. With no real
education under his belt, he started looking for work as a college
coach. He worked for several colleges before finally coming to Jeremiah
University 9 years ago.
During that time, Coach Brown had seen many of his student move on
into professional careers, but unlike his coach before him, Brown insisted
that his students get a good education to fall back on (just incase). Brown had fund memories of his students, particularly his most
famous protégé (Tomas Jackson [of the Chicago Bulls] ). Tomas was a 6 foot
5 inch tall player from Alabama whom Brown saw great potential in when he
took him under his wing. He later discovered Tomas’ secret fetish of dick
sucking through gloryholes. It happened by accident when Coach Brown
wandered into the storage room after a practice to find a long line of
players milling around nervously. When Brown appeared most of them
dispersed, giving the Coach the impression that something nefarious was
going on. At first he thought it was drug related, thinking one of his
players was selling dope or performance enhancing drugs on school
grounds. He walked into the store room ready to do damage to whomever was
threatening his players’ futures, but when he got further into the room, he
noticed on of his players standing closely against a back wall with his
shorts down around his ankles.
Coach Brown was baffled by the sight as he stared at the young 19
year old curiously. The boy was moaning softly as he pumped his hips into
the wall, his pretty brown virgin ass cheeks clinching and un-clinching as
he humped into the wall lewdly. Brown was ready to walk over and demand to
know what type of hallucinate drugs he was on, when he suddenly heard the
boy cry out in orgasm. Coach Brown stood in shock as the boy came, grinding his body into
the wall as he moaned louder. When he was done, he stepped back from the
wall and bent over to retrieve his shorts. Tucking his dick back into his
jock strap, he turned around with a big grin on his face as he called for
the next player to have a turn. His smile quickly faded when he noticed
Coach Brown standing before him instead of his teammates.”uh…, Coach! Preteen Tube I…I can explain…!!” he stammered, scared.”Get out of my sight, Ramsey…” said Coach, speechless. “…I’ll deal with
YOU later!”
Ramsey lowered his head shamefully as he quickly darted past his
coach. Brown stared at the wall the boy had just came against, expecting to
see his sperm dripping down the side. But instead he saw a large circular
hole in the wall. Coach Brown wondered what `the fuck’ was going on as he
slowly (cautiously) approached it.
Kneeling down he tried to peer into the hole to see if anyone was
on the other side. He peeked in with one eye, only to see darkness on the
other side. “Hello…” he called, listening for someone to answer
back. “…is anybody in there?” No one answered, but Coach Brown could detect movement, indicating
someone was indeed in the room. Coach Brown’s dick started to harden when
he realized someone on the inside must have just sucked off Ramsey. Coach
snickered to himself at the thought of all the other players standing
around awaiting blowjobs. He’d obviously ruined their plans when he walked
in unexpectedly. Was Preteen Tube there a girl on the other side? A college sorority
pledge maybe…? suckered into blowing the team to pass initiation? Or
maybe some paid hooker the boys hired to blow them after practice?
Coach Brown decided the opportunity was too great to pass up
without getting a little freebee for himself. He stood up and dropped his
sweatpants, revealing his own 10 inch hardon as he slowly pressed it
through the hole. Surely enough a warm pair of soft lips encircled his manhood, a wet
tongue licking up and down the sensitive underbelly as the mouth started to
glide back and forth over his swollen glands. “Fuck this bitch is good…”
groaned Coach to himself, feeling the lips inch down around his dick base
as the throat opened to envelope his hardon.
Obviously the person sucking him was a pro, having sucked MANY
dicks Preteen Tube before his. Now he understood why Ramsey was moaning so lewdly,
humping his body against the wall as if he were high on drugs. Brown
started to thrust his hips back and forth, feeding the dick sucker on the
other side every inch of his might black lance. He fucked the hot mouth
with long hard Preteen Tube jabs, stretching the mouth and throat with every plunge. After about 9 minutes of constant uninterrupted in/out thrusting,
Coach Brown found himself ready to pop. Without warning the `hoe’ on the
other side of the wall, he simply thrust his dick down the dick sucker’s
throat and came, choking the slut on his huge load.
Coach Brown came bullets down the contracting throat, feeling the
throat muscles tighten in convulsion as he fed them every precious drop of
his cum. “Fuck, that was good!” he announced, yanking his dick from the
hole. Curiosity got the best of the Coach as he pulled up his pants and
stared down at the hole. He Preteen Tube
knew whoever was on the inside wasn’t going to
come out until he was gone. He tried opening the door to the small room
leading to the other side of that wall, but it was barred from the
inside. Coach Brown decided to call it quits as he walked back out of the
store room, cutting off the lights to indicate to the dick sucker that the
party was over.
After about 10 minutes, the store room door slowly creaked open as
a head peeked out into the room. Once the coast was clear, the tall figure
dashed for the exit, trying to get as far away from the gloryhole as
possible. After sucking 6 dicks before being interrupted, blowing Coach
Brown was definitely the highlight of the afternoon. The Coach’s load was
the last one down his throat, allowing him to savor the tasty sperm as he
dashed out the door.”Oh shit…!” he jumped, finding Coach Brown leaning against the outer wall
waiting for him.”Jackson..?!!” called Brown shocked, having expected to see anyone else but
him. “…YOU’re the dick sucker blowing students after practice??”"Oh shit…!” cried Jackson, crumbling to his knees in tears as the reality
of his career and reputation coming to an end.
Coach Brown felt sorry for him, seeing the huge teenager crumble
like a stack of cards. “I’m sorry Coach! I’m sorry! I…I didn’t mean to do
it, I just can’t help myself!”"Relax, Tomas…, its okay…” assured Coach, trying to comfort him. He
couldn’t believe he’d just dumped a load down his star player’s
throat. “Tomas…, –are you gay?” he asked, curiously.”Yes…” nodded Tomas, Preteen Tube
shamefully admitting it for the first time.
Coach Brown’s dick twitched.”Its alright, son…, no one will have to know your secret…” said Coach,
rubbing Thomas’ head affectionately. Tomas looked up at the Coach
curiously.”You’re not gonna tell on me?” he asked, hopeful.”No…” answered Brown, empathizing with his student. “…but you can’t
keep risking you career and reputation doing stuff like this! Preteen Tube If word gets
around that you’re gay, it could end your Preteen Tube
career before its even started! A
lot of teams might feel uncomfortable picking you in the draft if they know
you’re gay upfront!” offered Brown, telling Tomas to stay in the closet.
Tomas took the Coach’s advise, keeping his sexuality secret well
into his pro career, but that didn’t stop him sampling other dicks that
happened into the stadium during game night. Coach Brown even managed to
take Tomas’ cherry, butt fucking his ass as often as possible up in his
office. Til this day, he still gets to sample the pro ball player’s ass
whenever his team is in the area. In fact during his last visit, Coach
Brown and one of his male sex partners (Russell Collins) took turns butt
fucking the superstar in his hotel room, treating him like the slut he was. Coach Brown found himself sitting up in his office, fingering the
length of his thick 10 inch dick through his pants as he thought back on
good times. There were plenty of hot young good looking men on the team
this year, and Brown found himself daydreaming about many of them when he
was alone in bed at night.
Nostalgia and loneliness bought Brown back down to the old practice
store room. He cut on the lights and walked over to the back wall where the
gloryhole used to be, and removed the wooden paneling that now covered
it. Sure enough there it lay. Coach Brown started to grope himself as the
memories flooded his mind like a tidal wave. But before he could free
himself and enjoy his long past memories, he heard voices coming up around
the corner. Panic struck, Coach Brown ducked into the store room closet on
the other side of Preteen Tube
the Preteen Tube
wall, securing the door so he wouldn’t get caught
hiding with an obvious hardon.”Look…, somebody left the lights on…” said someone, walking into the
store room.”Might’ve been Coach…, I think he’s still up in his office!” said another
voice.”Then we’d better make this quick, before he decides to come down and close
up shop!” said the first voice.”Shit man…, I’ve been looking forward to this all day!”
Coach Brown knelt down by the gloryhole to see two of his relief
players (Robyn Fuller & Kevin Greene) lighting up a joint. Coach Brown
cursed under his breath, knowing how many times he told his athletes that
drugs will ruin their careers!
He watched the two boys take a few puffs apiece on the joint,
handing it back and forth, –when one of them noticed the hole.”Look at this shit!” he said, walking over to it.”What is it?” asked Kevin, taking the next hit.”I dunno…” said Robyn, bending down to peer in. “…somekinda peep hole I
guess.”"You think Coach’s been spying on us?” asked Kevin, taking another long
drag off the killer weed.”In the store room??” doubted Robyn. “I could see if it were in the shower
or locker rooms…, but what’s to see in here?” he asked, seeing nothing
but darkness inside.”Looks like a doorknob used to be there, or something.” reasoned Kevin,
running his finger around the ring.”There’s no frame for a door.” said Robyn, Preteen Tube standing up as he inspected the
wall.”Then Preteen Tube what the fuck is it there for?” asked Kevin, choking on the last puff
as he handed the joint back to his friend.
Robyn started to laugh as something nasty crept into his head.”It looks just big enough to stick your dick through!” joked Robyn, taking
a toke. “What if someone was on the other side, waiting to suck a dick?” he
asked comically, not taking himself seriously.”That shit would be cool as hell, man! I’m horny as shit!”" chuckled Kevin,
rubbing his crotch openly.”Yeah…, weed always makes me horny too!” stated Robyn, taking another
toke before handing it off. He stared down at the hole for a minute, his
hard dick now straining for release in his pants.
Without giving it much thought, he unzipped his pants and stuck his
hardon through the hole.”What the fuck you doing, man…?” laughed Kevin, curiously.”Just imagining there was someone in there…” said Robyn, pressing his
crotch against the wall.
Coach Brown’s eyes were as wide as saucers. Here he’d been hot and
horny thinking about the old days with Tomas, and now here he was sitting
face to face with a hard teenage standing before him.
He stared at Robyn’s dick for a few seconds, admiring the size and
shape as it stood completely erect from the other side of the wall. Giving
into temptation, he leaned forward and licked the tip of the dick with his
tongue.”Oh shit…!!” gasped Robyn, yanking his dick from the hole.”What’s wrong?” asked Kevin, looking around paranoid, thinking the Coach
might be walking up on them.”Someone just licked my dick!” said Robyn, kneeling back down to peer
through the hole again.”Stop lying!” said Kevin, putting the joint out. “You’re fucking up my
high!”"I’m serious! Somebody’s in there! They just licked my dick!” insisted
Robyn.”Whatever man!”"For real!” said Robyn, standing up as he reinserted his dick through the
Coach Brown saw the hardon return, and enveloped it into his hot
sucking mouth.”OOOOooooo ffuuuuuuck, man…!!” groaned Robyn, feeling the mouth taking in
his hard meat.”Well who the fuck is it?” asked Kevin, watching Robyn get serviced.”Who gives a fuck?” said Robyn, holding his body flat against the wall. Coach Brown sucked his mouth up and down the full length of the
hard dick. He bobbed back and forth, swallowing the 8 inch manhood with
every downward stroke. He could hear the player moaning loudly on the other
side of the wall, his total attention centered on his dick as Coach gobbled
up everything he had as if he were nothing.
Coach’s mind was full of lust as he sucked firmly on the hard
dick. Using his lips, tongue, and the suction of his cheeks and throat, he
took the hardon down again and again until he felt it already starting to
twitch and throb in his mouth. “Oh fuck..!!” he heard the student gasp as
the cum came pouring out of his dick like waterworks. Coach Brown fought Preteen Tube
keep up with the heavy volume of cum filling his gullet and coating his
throat, but he managed to take it all down without even spilling a single
drop. Robyn lay moaning and groaning like a wounded animal as his spent
dick started to soften and shrink in Coach’s mouth.”My turn, man! My turn!!” insisted Kevin, whipping his own hardon out as he
took Robyn’s place at the hole. He shoved his dick through as soon as it
was vacant, feeling the hot wet mouth encircle his pride and joy. “Damn
man…, do you think it’s a girl?” he asked his teammate, who was already
fastening his pants.”Doubt it!” said Robyn, watching Kevin take his turn.”So you think it’s a guy??” asked Kevin concerned, as he looked over his
shoulder at his buddy.”Most likely some geek fag who snuck in to suck dick. Don’t worry about
it!” said Robyn.”Fuck it…!” agreed Kevin, not really caring.
The hot mouth sucked up and down his 7 and 1/2 inch dong, taking
him all the way deep into the very back of the throat. Kevin groaned and
gasped as his dick was sucked expertly. Much like his friend Robyn, it
didn’t take Kevin long to cum either. His body shook and shivered as his
dick got rock hard in Coach’s mouth before spitting load after hot sticky
load of thick creamy ball juice into his sucking orifice.
Coach Brown savored the flavor of his student’s dick, swallowing
his creamy load easily as a wad of spit. Kevin quickly recovered, removing
his dick as he pulled up his pants and started to insult the “faggot” on
the other side of the wall. He and Robyn (having cum), called for the
“faggot” to come out into the open and stop hiding. They stood around
waiting for 20 minutes, relighting their joint before finally giving up and
walking off. Coach Brown waited another additional 30 minutes just to be
sure they left. When he finally came out, he was still licking his thick
full lips and wishing he had more.”Maybe Tomas was onto something, here…?” he wondered, deciding to keep
the hole open for business.____________________
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